Tablets begin to change course of computing

The immense popularity tablets have earned in just the one year since Apple debuted its iPad last April is no secret. However, not until recently has the device started to shift the computing landscape. As the market grew, mobility experts predicted that one day tablets would rule computing behavior, but, for the most part, traditional […]

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Considerations for supporting tablets

There seems to be no end in sight for the growing popularity of tablets. Devices from Motorola, Samsung, Cisco and Research In Motion have all joined the modern market dominated by Apple and are constantly showing up in offices across the globe. The chances are high that many companies are currently debating whether or not […]

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Enterprise adoption helping to drive smartphone market expansion

The rapid growth and expansion of the smartphone market that began with the release of numerous powerful mobile devices in 2010 will only continue during the next several years, according to a report recently released by research firm Global Industry Analysts. While many areas factor into the market's meteoric growth, the mobilization of businesses is […]

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iPads inevitable for businesses

Chief information officers and IT managers sitting back, hoping the craze surrounding tablets and personally owned smartphones will soon subside are setting themselves and their companies up for failure, according to a recent ITworld report. "IT departments that haven't started projects to support, manage and run apps on and for wirelessly connected, highly mobile tablets […]

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