Report reveals extent of enterprise mobility boom

Enterprise mobility as a practice has been in existence for the better part of the past decade. But not until within the last several years have companies really begun supplying their employees with mobile devices and applications to access enterprise data and apps while out of the office. As soon as the smartphone market took […]

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Mobile technology moving at 4G speeds

Wireless service providers have recognized the notion that faster is definitely better when it comes to mobile devices and the networks they run on. Especially within the enterprise sector, data-hungry mobile users want the fastest possible download speeds. When Verizon Wireless launched its 4G LTE network last winter, the company heralded the move as the […]

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Companies choose iPad for enterprise mobility

Try as they might, device manufacturers can't quite seem to crack the hold Apple has enjoyed in the tablet market for the past year and a half. Despite the release of Research In Motion's BlackBerry PlayBook and the parade of Android-powered devices, nothing can shake the popularity of the iPad. Both business and consumer users […]

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BlackBerry exodus continues as users turn to iPhone, Android

Each groundbreaking product release from Apple and every new Android-powered smartphone introduced by Samsung, Motorola, HTC and the like seems to deal a blow to Research In Motion's BlackBerry line of devices. Years ago that rang true for the consumer market, and, now, it's increasingly evident for enterprise mobility as well. Mobile professionals simply no […]

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Tablets having unquestioned impact on enterprise mobility

While still a groundbreaking product that set off a seismic shift for both the consumer and enterprise mobility markets, Apple's iPad wasn't an altogether new device when it was launched in April 2010. Other similar offerings had tried for years to capture the hearts of mobile professionals, but nothing has accomplished the feat quite like […]

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Mobility bandwagon to get more crowded in 2012, Gartner says

Think again if you thought the steamroller that is enterprise mobility will slow down any time soon. That was the message sent – though maybe not in those words – by researchers from Gartner at the company's recent Gartner Symposium/ITxpo. The bandwagon for enterprise mobility has become more crowded than ever during the past few […]

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Daily Insight is Live!

Visage Mobile introduced an exciting new feature to our MobilityCentral Enterprise Mobility Management Suite today: Daily Insights. This powerful new piece of cloud-based software enables any corporate mobility manager to control costs and device usage in unprecedented ways. Working in concert with the wide range of features already available in MobilityCentral, Daily Insights offers: Access […]

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The Bzur Salad

Alex Gourmet Burrito is an amazing little lunch spot right across the street from Visage Mobile’s world HQ. Bzur wanted to share with everyone his favorite dish there, aptly named, “The Bzur Salad.”  If you ever want to pop by our office for lunch we’ll take you there and buy you one.  (The Bzur Salad […]

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Tech-savvy SMBs embrace mobility, SaaS

Small- and medium-sized businesses will generally take any competitive advantage they can find. With smaller workforces and tighter budgets than larger enterprises, SMBs sometimes have to get creative in order to keep pace in their highly competitive markets. For some smaller companies, that means embracing the latest in technology. These days, this may include deploying […]

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Recovery will foster mobility investments, report predicts

The past several years have been some of the darkest for many companies. A struggling economy led many to slash budgets and staff and focus most of their efforts on simply staying afloat. But some have moved past that and now have their sights set squarely on recovery. For many, that will mean investing in […]

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