What You Need to Know to Deal with Consumerization

As 2012 dawns, there is much companies can expect in terms of their enterprise mobility programs in the new year. Consumerization is one surefire trend that most companies will experience. What began in recent years with a few companies relaxing their BlackBerry policies will balloon in 2012 into a mobility free-for-all, with employees utilizing all […]

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Our 2012 Predictions

The year is wrapping up and we’re gearing up for a gangbusters 2012. Ā Before we get there, we wanted to share a few of our predictions with you, just so we can go back and say we told you so when they come true next year. 1. Consumerization of Enterprise Mobility: According to a recent […]

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Startups: Gain an Edge with Tablets

For small companies just starting out, it’s necessary to utilize technology that can provide an edge and promote rapid growth. According to a recent ZDNet report, tablets are among the top technologies that all startups should be deploying. In fact, small business expert and ZDNet contributor Heather Clancy placed tablets at the top of her […]

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If you thought this year was big for mobility, wait until 2012!

This year, organizations around the world grappled with equipping employees with mobile devices to give them anytime access to information and potentially boost productivity. But the practice was made ever-more challenging by consumerization, as new smartphones and tablets crept into the workplace. That all made for a turbulent 2011 filled with plenty of highs and […]

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What Companies Need to Know To Deploy Tablets Effectively

So your IT department just bought a boatload of tablets and is ready to join the ranks of some of the most tech-savvy companies in the world. Unfortunately, the process isn’t quite so simple. It may seem cut-and-dry, but enterprise mobility management for tablets remains a new beast for many organizations, and one that beckons […]

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Companies Coming Around to Consumerization

When mobility consumerization first came to light several years ago, the trend sent many IT departments into defensive mode. Worried they were losing control of the user base and their ability to manage enterprise data and devices, many CIOs and network administrators took a hard line against consumer technology, barring it from the workplace. But […]

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Expert: Expect more tablets in the enterprise next year

This was a big year for the tablet’s role in enterprise mobility. More companies deployed the devices as their popularity skyrocketed and it became apparent that employees could be more productive outside the office with an iPad in their hands. And the introduction of the Motorola Xoom and the BlackBerry PlayBook, as well as the […]

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LTE usage on the rise, leaving companies with choice to make

Wireless services providers are constantly touting the superlative merits of their networks – the fastest, the most reliable, the largest and the like. But it appears those that can offer end-users blazing speeds are the ones primed to be successful in the future. A recent report from Juniper Research revealed that revenues generated by 4G […]

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Uncovering Wireless Expense Management’s Benefits

Whether they have deployed solutions or not, many companies today are aware of the need and assistance that can be provided by enterprise mobility management software. From overseeing the use of mobile devices to governing how applications are used to access the enterprise network, there are plenty of tools available to help companies leverage smartphones […]

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The enterprise and Kindle Fire: Match made in tablet heaven?

In the nearly two years that the wildly popular iPad has been on the market, competitors have lined up to challenge Apple’s stranglehold on the market’s top spot. Try as they might, so far no device has truly come close to knocking the iPad from its perch. That has been the case for both the […]

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