Three Ways to Think Big About Mobility

An enterprise mobility plan is an obvious must-have for a connected company these days. And whether it’s providing employees with phones, going all-in on the bring-your-own-device approach, or a blend of both, mobility is no longer a question of if, but how, and more importantly, how much. A smart mobility plan can be a key […]

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BYOD Is Great, But It Doesn’t Make Data Any Cheaper

The recent move toward bring-your-own-device corporate mobile phone management has relieved lots of organizations of having to outfit employees with new hardware every couple of years. And employees get to use the phones they’re already familiar with. On paper, it’s a win-win. But now that companies — and workers — are starting to settle in […]

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Tackling the Next Big Wireless Problem: Data Costs

Wireless companies: Love ’em or hate ’em, they hold the key to getting things done today. And as wireless becoming an increasingly more expensive and important spend for companies, they also hold a ton of leverage over a company’s productivity and bottom line. A good portion of that leverage comes in the form of data. […]

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Could Mobile Explosion Cause Data Costs to Skyrocket?

People are using their phones more and more, that’s no secret. But a recent study figured out just how much, and it’s astounding — and potentially worrisome to executives who have to manage mobile costs. The latest bit of evidence comes from a market forecast released by researchers at Informa Telecoms & Media. According to […]

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Learning to Come to Terms With BYOD

It’s actually a bit strange to think that employees’ using their own devices at work would be such a controversial or complicated issue, but for IT managers the issue is a lot of both. So, while the bring your own device (BYOD) revolution has caused a lot of heartburn among IT decision makers as they […]

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Are you scrambling to keep up with enterprise mobility?

Industry organization CompTIA says your company is most likely “scrambling” to keep up with the fast pace of enterprise mobility growth. The consistent release of new devices, applications and tools has mobility professionals spinning out of control as they try to keep it all straight, CompTIA says. But that doesn’t apply to your organization, right? […]

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Wireless expense management considerations all companies should think about

By now the chances are good that your company has a grasp on at least some aspects of enterprise mobility management. Whether it’s the security of data accessed by employee smartphones and tablets, or how certain platforms are being managed, most organizations have gotten plenty of practice as the use of and reliance on mobile […]

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Don’t Have a Mobility Program? That’ll Change This Year.

So you’re company hasn’t quite hopped onto the bandwagon for enterprise mobility yet. Kind of feel like you’re living in the Dark Ages? In essence, you are, as the use of smartphones and tablets has completely changed the workplace during the past several years. For years it’s been common to see men and women in […]

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Mobile data usage explodes in past year, Nielsen research finds

It's no secret that smartphone users are data hogs. With robust computing power in a compact size, coupled with high-speed wireless networks, mobile users download and upload apps and content all the time. But never before has data usage been as high as it is right now, according to research recently released by market analysis […]

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Report: Many companies still pay for employees’ mobile devices

Despite the rising prominence of bring-your-own-device enterprise mobility programs, many companies continue to pay for their employees' smartphones and tablets, as well as the network they run on, according to a new survey. Given the widespread expansion of the smartphone market, with vendors bringing new-and-improved devices to market nonstop, many companies have responded to employee […]

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