Corporate IT Can’t Afford to Ignore Apple Any Longer

If you said “the company cell phone” a few years back, you were, in all likelihood, talking about a BlackBerry. But no longer. In fact, with the incredible rise in popularity of the iPhone and iPad, Apple — a company once considered an enterprise outsider — has become, almost overnight, it seems, the go-to smartphone […]

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Do 4G Networks Give Hackers a Head Start?

The “Next Big Thing” in wireless is the rollout of potentially ubiquitous 4G networks. Where in the past wireless networks were based mostly on their capacity to carry voice from user to user, these next-gen networks are based almost entirely on their ability to provide high-speed data connections — effectively turning wireless carriers into “full-fledged […]

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Apple Gets Down to Business, But Are Businesses Ready?

Imagine the familiar Apple “Marimba” ringtone chiming out as your iPhone buzzes in a semi-circle on your desk. Only it’s not your wife, boyfriend, mom, or buddy calling … Ā because it isn’t your personal phone. It’s your desk phone, laptop, and personal mobile work station all rolled into one. This is the tantalizing future hinted […]

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Hidden BYOD hurdles could complicate wireless expense management

Bring-your-own-device programs are coming thick and fast these days, attracting the attention of everyone from government technology executives to small-business owners. Conventional wisdom suggests that leveraging personally-owned smartphones and tablets is a surefire way to control corporate wireless spend, but emerging evidence suggests that hidden costs could complicate matters. Mobility is no longer a competitive […]

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Enterprise Mobility Management Must Address Independent Liable Employees

The consumerization of IT is eliciting a number of different responses from corporate network managers these days. While some strategies are better informed than others, perhaps the largest single mistake would be to overlook or ignore this trend. A new crop of tech-savvy employees that are both willing and able to make autonomous decisions outside […]

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Is Mobility More Important Than the Internet?

In the 1990s, the internet rose to prominence and completely changed the enterprise technology landscape, presenting myriad new opportunities and challenges for companies the world over. Now, two decades later, history is repeating itself, as a innovation has ushered in a new era of IT. Only these days it’s not the internet that has taken […]

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Why More Companies Are Embracing Enterprise Mobility

Much of the recent chatter concerning IT has been centered on the rise of enterprise mobility during the past several years. It seems that companies and end users alike can’t get enough of mobile technology – including devices, the mobile apps run on them and the service networks that make them go. But there is […]

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How Retailers Should Approach Enterprise Mobility

For many retailers across the nation, mobile devices have been deployed to enhance the shopping experience for consumers and improve various business processes for employees, according to a recent report from Retail Info Systems News. By embracing enterprise mobility, the news provider argued, store managers can execute certain jobs much quicker than ever before and […]

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Startups: Gain an Edge with Tablets

For small companies just starting out, it’s necessary to utilize technology that can provide an edge and promote rapid growth. According to a recent ZDNet report, tablets are among the top technologies that all startups should be deploying. In fact, small business expert and ZDNet contributor Heather Clancy placed tablets at the top of her […]

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ABI Research quantifies scope of enterprise mobility

Much has been made both this and last year about the exponential rise of enterprise mobility programs. It seems that just about all companies these days support some kind of mobile device for business use, whether it be a smartphone, tablet or an internet-connected iPod Touch. However, very little has been done in the way […]

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