Nipping ‘Stealth IT’ in the Bud

Mobility management has become an unavoidable question for enterprise IT managers. As more and more consumers acquire smartphones and tablets, it’s become more or less assumed that these devices will be used for work purposes and during work hours, in one way or another. But as companies debate their merits of allowing BYOD, it’s becoming clear […]

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Smart mobility management keeps employees within view

The proliferation of smartphones and tablets in consumer circles has made mobility management an unavoidable question for enterprise IT managers. One way or another, these powerful gadgets are making their way into the hands of employees and onto corporate networks. But as companies debate their merits of different governance models, it’s becoming clear that they […]

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Hidden BYOD hurdles could complicate wireless expense management

Bring-your-own-device programs are coming thick and fast these days, attracting the attention of everyone from government technology executives to small-business owners. Conventional wisdom suggests that leveraging personally-owned smartphones and tablets is a surefire way to control corporate wireless spend, but emerging evidence suggests that hidden costs could complicate matters. Mobility is no longer a competitive […]

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Tablets Insert New Questions Into Enterprise Mobility Plans

Enterprise IT teams may have had their first taste of mobility management challenges when employees started taking their work home with them on laptops and the occasional executive BlackBerry. But with the mainstream adoption of smartphones and now the rise of media tablets, a new round of questions need to be answered in enterprise mobility […]

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Reasserting the role of CIO in enterprise mobility management

The influx of personal smartphones and tablets in the modern workplace has signaled a variety of important changes in office dynamics, restructuring the roles, responsibilities and capabilities of individual employees and sometimes entire departments. But although this sea change must be observed and addressed, this ongoing consumerization of IT is unlikely to lead to the […]

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Mobility management troubles may be holding back SMB tablet adoption

Tablet technology found firm footing in the business community after the Apple iPad captivated the attention of enterprise executives and spread across their respective organizations. Although small and medium-size business initially trailed this development, they have since closed the gap with a flurry of new deployments. But as the third-generation iPad prepares to hit shelves […]

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Are you scrambling to keep up with enterprise mobility?

Industry organization CompTIA says your company is most likely “scrambling” to keep up with the fast pace of enterprise mobility growth. The consistent release of new devices, applications and tools has mobility professionals spinning out of control as they try to keep it all straight, CompTIA says. But that doesn’t apply to your organization, right? […]

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Visage Webinar | The Mobility Rx

Doctors are reviewing CAT scans from 30,000 feet and sending their diagnoses to the hospital from the beach. Soon, rural patients will be able to send their bloodwork to the lab from their iPhone without ever having to leave their armchair. 3d images of a patient’s tumor will be viewed at every possible angle on […]

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Five Federal Mobility Predictions

Steven VanRoekel, Federal CIO (and only the second-ever US CIO) recently spoke at the 2012 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.  He stated that the government plans to make 2012, “the year of mobile” as they can no longer afford to ignore the benefits of employee mobility. However, buttoning up a federal mobility program with the […]

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Why Mobile Data Traffic Increases Should Concern You

Cisco recently released its Visual Networking Index Global Mobile Data Traffic Forecast for 2011 to 2016 and found that, five years from now, mobile data traffic will exceed 10.8 exabytes per month for an annual total of 130 exabytes. In plain English, that’s a lot. Even if you don’t know exactly what an exabyte, terabyte […]

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