Our Customers


These are just a few of the hundreds of Visage MobilityCentral clients we serve every day–people who are managing their enterprise mobility programs more efficiently. They’re also lowering costs and reducing risk, all in very little time. Now that’s simple and powerful.

By giving us a unified view of our mobile spend across all carriers, MobilityCentral™ has helped us achieve savings of $10,000/month since we implemented. Savings came from cancelling unused lines and services, reducing overage and directory assistance charges.

-Amy Fritz, Malt-O-Meal

When we started using MobilityCentral™ to share mobile billing data with users and their managers, we saw a dramatic decline in our international roaming and data usage. We are seeing savings of about $15,000/month on these charges.

-Matt Portolese, Flow International

“I use MobilityCentral on a daily basis and can’t imagine how difficult it would be to manage our wireless devices without it.”

-Tracy Chinn, Telecommunications Specialist, Wilbur Ellis

“I am VERY impressed with the information now at my fingertips! I have been BEGGING AT&T for this info for over a year. I was at my wits end trying to manage my phone spend using their bill and/or an Excel download. The Visage employees have been great to work with thus far. In a word: WOW!”

-Amy Kegler, Chief Financial Officer, Sitex

“This is a great product that has not only made my job easier, but has helped me to continue to lower our overall spend on mobile devices. I highly recommend it to anyone that is a day-to-day administrator.”

-Debbie Sortino, Client Operations, GenOn Energy, Inc.

“This is a fine tool. We have so much more visibility into our internal processes.”

Franco Gamba, Senior Vice President, Media Brands

“Thanks to MobilityCentral™ we were able to identify and shut down unused lines. Reviewing our pooled minute usage led us to reduce the minutes we purchased, saving $3,000 monthly.”

Andrew Miller, Karcher

“We use the tool on a daily basis for many needs and continue to provide feedback through the link within the tool!”

-Cathy Lively, Project Administrator, Nissan