Head Start

Getting started with MobilityCentral™ for your business

Whether you’ve already decided to adopt MobilityCentral or are still in the evaluation stage, you can take advantage of our Head Start offer and get a jump on your implementation. There are only three steps – and one of them is clicking a button. You’ve got this one!

1. Download and Populate the User Template

Download the User Template.

  • Populate the required fields: first name, last name and email address; reporting manager email, department, and cost center are highly recommended
  • Save the completed User Template to your local hard drive
  • Once it’s been loaded, your data is stored in the Users section of MobilityCentral.

2.  Download and Populate the Inventory Template

Download the Inventory Template.

This is how you gather your inventory data and prepare it for loading into MobilityCentral. It allows you to upload all device types as well as separate standalone components such as SIMs and mobile numbers. Inventory can be allocated to a user or held in your company’s inventory pool.

Requirements can be found by hovering over the instructions located in the template at the top of column D.

As with the user template, save the completed inventory template to your local hard drive. Once it has been loaded, the information is stored in the Device Inventory section of MobilityCentral.

3. Locate and Request Carrier Invoice Data and Information

Locate and request carrier invoice data and information

MobilityCentral works natively with carrier invoice files from AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile and Verizon. The following are detailed instructions for each.

AT&T: Submit your current AT&T invoice data via WinCD; OR request a copy of your AT&T Smart Report for Equipment (download a shell to submit to your AT&T rep and ask them to provide your company’s Equipment Report)

Verizon: Submit your current Verizon invoice data via the MyBusiness portal. You can find the raw data download at the Verizon MyBusiness portal by going to the Analytics Tab, selecting Advanced Reporting, and clicking the Raw Data Download link.

Sprint: Submit your current Sprint invoice data via Smart CD.

T-Mobile: Submit your current T-Mobile Daily Detail, Detail Summary, Subscriber Summary reports and your Statement file. You can find these reports by logging in to the T-Mobile Business Solutions I-Billing/I-Analyst site.

Get the details on how to download and submit your carrier invoices.


4. Submit Your Data

Please submit your user and device templates and your invoice files to MobilityCentral account management at accountmanagement@visagemobile.com

You can mail your AT&T and Sprint CDs to:

Account Management
500 Sansome Street, Suite 300
San Francisco, CA 94111

Once your data has been received and reviewed, we’ll leverage our best practices to help identify any data discrepancies, expedite data loading, suggest optimal configurations, and complete your implementation in 2 weeks or less. If you have any other questions about the process, please contact us.

Easy enough, right?