Cost Savings


Save Money. Pay the Right Wireless Taxes

By Anadelia Fadeev

As offices hand out W-2 forms and add their accountants to speed dial, they often overlook a significant area of spend during tax season: enterprise wireless taxes. Companies pay an average of 17 percent in combined federal, state and local tax fees on their wireless services — a rate that’s more than twice as high […]

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Get Reimbursed Faster on Business Expenses: Here’s How

By Glenn Clark

If you work in a fast-growing business, putting expenses on your own credit card is a regular occurrence. From booking airline tickets to paying for client dinners, it’s all part of the job. Until you check your statement and realize that you haven’t submitted an expense report. Oops! When it’s time to pay the bills, no one wants to be stuck waiting […]

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Future of Mobile


2015: The Year the Rubber Meets the Road for Enterprise Mobility

By Benjamin Robbins

Over the last few years, there has been a strong focus on Enterprise Mobility Management. Companies have devoted countless hours and employee brainpower to BYOD, for example, debating whether it was an effective enablement approach or whether they should focus on a different option (one of the multitudes of other acronyms that arose in BYOD’s […]

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Top 5 Wireless Expense Areas Every Mobility Manager Must Watch

By Justin Keller

From phones to phablets, smart watches to smart glasses, mobility managers have more devices — and types of devices — weighing on their company’s monthly wireless bill than ever before. On top of that, they’ve got to figure out the right balance of data and access to optimize employees’ mobile productivity. As the enterprise mobility […]

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Mobility Best Practices


Don’t Be Scrooged By Mobile Distractions

By Anadelia Fadeev

It’s the time of year to count our blessings, spend time with loved ones and think about our goals for the year to come. It’s also easier than ever to read email or open an app when we should be focusing on those around us. Research shows that people check their phones an average of […]

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How to Get BYOD Employees to Trust Your Mobility Program

By Justin Keller

Seven out of 10 employees who bring their own devices to work don’t trust their employers to keep their information private, according to research from MobileIron. That’s a figure that Ashley Verrill, managing editor at Software Advice, chalks up to lack of clear communication about BYOD policies from management. Here, Verrill suggests five ways mobility […]

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How TeraNova Consulting Company Manages Mobility From A to Z

By Anadelia Fadeev

Most executives feel the pain of paying too much for corporate wireless but few know exactly how to stop financial hemorrhage. To reduce mobility spend, companies and employees must first have a good grasp on their current mobile environment. Typically employees are not devious but simply oblivious to how much they’re costing an organization through mobile […]

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The Case for Data Democracy

By Marguerite McNeal

Greater quantities of data are flowing into organizations from more sources than ever before. But while this information used to live with IT or, more recently, with in-demand data scientists, some companies are finding value in sharing data with all of their employees. “Despite the proliferation of modern cloud computing, the ‘IT as gatekeeper of […]

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