Visage Certified Partners Program: A Holistic Approach to Mobility


With the explosion of mobile devices and applications and the unstoppable desire of employees for unfettered use of the latest and greatest, the challenge of managing networks of mobile devices is difficult for even the most advanced IT organizations.  Great software service like Mobility Central helps, but sometimes growing companies need additional services we don’t offer or just don’t have a team with the capacity or understanding to effectively use Mobility Central. Some companies need a managed service that can deliver help desk, make changes (moves/adds/changes/deletes), procure & activate and manage the end of device life. Getting an outside service to handle these items is a path many companies decide to follow.

Now Companies that might want an outside service to manage Mobility Central or to provide other important services can find the right partners through Visage.

Visage Mobile has announced its Visage Certified Partners Program, a new channel partners program, in which Visage teams with top managed service providers to offer customers access to Mobility Central, through the managed services of its Channel Partners as well as other services company mobility programs require.

Mobility Central, which allows managers unique visibility into their mobile program — from a top-level view or zoomed in to the individual — provides companies with the data around inventory, usage and users to support decisions about the direction of their mobile program. Through the channel partners program, certified partners can offer their customers access to the MobilityCentral platform and Visage customers can opt to integrate the wide range of services offered by its partner companies.

A pilot version of the Visage Certified Partner Program was launched in 2012 with seven partner companies. It has been a tremendous success. By offering access to a broader range of mobility services, the partner program is a win-win for Visage and its partners.

“Mobility Central is a self-managed software tool,” says Stephen Collins, Manager of Channel Sales & Development with Visage. “We provide the technology, help implement it with our customers, and provide training and support. But we don’t take direct action on the data that’s presented or provide professional services. So through the channel program we’ll look to expand that — to have more of a services arm. We want to remain a technology company, and then have our partners focus on what they do best: provide services around software like ours in the mobility space.”

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Image used under Creative Commons by Flickr user techburst.