White Paper: How Mobility is Reinventing Sales, Marketing, and HR


While mobile usage has become ubiquitous in the workplace, businesses still have trouble implementing tailored plans that leverage mobility for different departments’ needs. An IT department may have entirely separate mobile needs from a field service unit, yet most companies roll out the same devices and features across the board–ultimately missing out on a huge opportunity to output. Companies must understand the mobile needs of each division in order to optimize usage and stay within an appropriate budget.

How Mobility is Reinventing Sales, Marketing, and HR,” a white paper by Visage Mobile, examines the mobile practices of specific divisions within a business. It looks at mobile usage trends for units including HR, sales, field service and marketing, and provides a why and how to appropriately equip them. When implementing a mobility plan, the various needs of different employees and departments need to come first. Why else go mobile?

Download the white paper here.