Product Features


Track and control the four main components of your mobility program with MobilityCentral.

1. People.

By importing your company’s corporate directory, you always have an accurate list of your company’s mobile users. Gain user-focused insight into your Mobility Program.  Understand what devices which person has, how they are using (or not using) them, and detailed insight into how much they are costing you. Allow your users to gain their own insight into their inventory, usage, and spend. Email reports and alerts to employees (and their supervisors, if need be) directly from the application, saving your team time and streamlining your processes.

2. Inventory.

Easily monitor all devices, whether they are associated with an employee or sitting in a drawer. With Daily Insight, get near real-time tracking on device usage and activity down to the individual user level to prevent misuse before it becomes a problem. Reallocate devices easily from one individual to another within the application, and ensure that assets are properly assigned within your organization. Track every movement of every inventory entity for the life of your mobility program – down to SIMs, Devices, and Mobile Numbers.

3. Spend.

Set multiple levels of budgets — from user to department to entire company– to keep spend in control and help you be BudgetCorrect™.  See where overspend is occurring and take the appropriate action. Manage your mobility budget, across all carriers, in one place. Automatically upload carrier bills into a single, simple interface. View your spend in a standardized fashion, regardless of carrier. Pre-process aggregated carrier information for export into Enterprise Financial Systems.  With Daily Insight, you can actively manage device usage down to a user level in near real-time to prevent overages or misuse of equipment before it becomes a problem.

4. Policy.

Immediately begin to reduce and eliminate risk relating to your enterprise mobility program. Quickly create and implement company-wide mobility policies, which you can distribute and track on an individual user basis directly from the application. Create budget policies at the individual, departmental and / or corporate level, including monitoring and enforcement mechanisms.


Reduce costs immediately. Reduce risk within days. And reduce time spent managing your enterprise mobility program within ten days. Our hundreds of customers tell us they see immediate ROI with MobilityCentral.

Low fees.

MobilityCentral is an annual subscription-based service. Fees are based on a per-user/per-month model. Typically, fees are 0.5% to 3% of monthly carrier spend – or between $3 to $5 per user.

Low maintenance.

No server, software or client installation is required. A browser and an Internet connection are the only requirements to begin using this multi-tenant, SaaS application. Unlike managed services that require a deep layer of professional services, MobilityCentral empowers the enterprise with direct visibility and control over mobile devices and wireless expenses.

Quick start.

MobilityCentral can be implemented quickly, often less than 10 days after data delivery to the account management team – the faster the implementation, the faster the savings to your bottom line. Other solutions can require 90 days or more to implement. Because our proprietary data engine can implement data so easily, we’ll even let you see what your data looks like inside of MobilityCentral before you buy.  Contact us to set up a quick demo.