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Our tools increase profitability

  • efficiency increase 66%
  • capacity increase 80%
  • service expansion 100%
  • roaming $ reduced 67%
  • responsiveness 100%

Visage software dramatically reduces the time and effort necessary to analyze wireless telecom billing, report on anomalies, and communicate with wireless subscribers. Use Visage infrastructure to increase workforce efficiency, reduce analysis overhead, and increase profitability.

Visage automates your data processing. Visage automates all of your reporting. See where this is going? You can focus on your customers, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Also, integration with Concur Travel & Expense platform joins wireless analysis with travel itineraries to proactively alert your team to international travel and eliminate roaming bill shock.

Our extensive partner network includes all the services and support you need to reduce costs while increasing efficiency, savings, and profits.

Upgrade your tools!

We understand that running analysis the old-fashioned way takes a lot of time. Spend less time, and get more out of your resources using Visage tools.


Powerful software for wireless cost analysis, reporting, and communication

Concur Mobility Expense

Enables reporting on corporate-paid and individual-paid wireless expenses at once


Automated monthly reporting and analytics package with actionable recommendations

International Travel Roaming Alerts (ITRA)

Proactive notification of international travel booking for plan/feature verification to help you prevent “Bill Shock”

We’re better together

Our partner network continues to expand across a myriad of companies that provide very specific values to their customers. But, few companies want to build and maintain a platform that can keep pace with the rapidly changing carrier spend environment. We’ve got you covered.

Visage provides all aspects of our platform to Telecom Management and consulting companies. Our partners are doing a lot more with a lot less. Visage automates your data processing. Visage automates all of your reporting. See where this is going? You can focus on your customers, we’ll do the heavy lifting.

Automation saves you time

  • Downloading and consolidating carrier reports
  • Generating trending charts and recommendations
  • Allocating costs to departments, cost centers, or teams
  • Keeping updated on changes to carrier reporting formats

…and reduces the time to go from data load to customer presentation by 80%

Does your customer use Concur Travel or Expense? You can turn on our Concur Connectors and unleash new layers of value in your mobile spend data. We’ll promise, it will make you look REALLY good.  Concur integration options include…

  • International Travel Roaming Alerts
  • Inclusion of Individual Liable expenses in Corporate Liable reporting
  • Sending Corporate Liable expenses to Concur for more thorough reporting

Visage + Concur

Companies are struggling with HOW to manage mobile expense…
…and, over the past five years, organizations have seen mobile expense show up in the IT organization as well as the Finance organization on employee expense reports (BYOD). Only Visage and Concur can show you ALL of your Mobile Spend in one place.

Furthermore, when employees travel, mobile usage and expense increases. Visage has integrated the industry’s most powerful mobile reporting system with the world’s largest business travel platform. Now, you’ll know who’s going where, and when they are going there. That allows you to stay in front of Roaming Bill Shock.

Visage is the only Certified Concur App Center Partner for mobile expense management. Concur has also invested in Visage as a part of their #Perfecttrip Fund. Together Visage and Concur are proving the very close connection that exists between Travel, Expense, and Mobility. If your company or your customer uses Concur then you need to explore our integrated Concur product set.

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It all starts with VisagePulse.

VisagePulse is our ground-breaking FREE mobile reporting and analytics service.

Customers and Partners alike realize massive value from this no-cost service.

Learn about your mobility program, and learn what you can do to save money, grow your program, and better manage users, inventory, and spend.

This is Lorrie… She was in your position.

Listen to how we helped her.

VisagePulse is too good to be (but it is) true!

Disbelief. We see it everyday. How can we give away all this goodness? For free!

VisagePulse is Free, and it MAY be all you need to effectively manage your mobile program. That’s fine with us. There are hundreds of customers on VisagePulse today, and that’s all they need. We’re proud that we’ve made a dent for them. We’re happy to do it.

When you sign up for VisagePulse, you’ll begin receive monthly recommendations, trending reports and analytics on your mobile program. You’ll also receive access to MobilityCentral™ so that you can see, touch, and manage the data yourself. Like we said, it may be all you need. Why pay for anything else, until you see what’s going on in your program?

Our customers love to share their VisagePulse reports. You can share it…

throughout your company

Share the VisagePulse report throughout the organization to guarantee lock-step action on areas of suggested improvement

with your TEM

Use the VisagePulse reports to see how effective your TEM is at managing your mobile program.

with your carrier

Unlock a deeper relationship with your carrier by collaborating on upcoming changes to the mobility program

with your Concur platform

Combine your Concur Travel and Expense information with VisagePulse for unprecedented depth of vision into your mobility program