Visage Telecom Expense Management

Visage offers complete visibility into any aspect of your IT expense infrastructure – from Wireless Expense Management to Wireline and Fixed Asset Expense Management.

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Why we’re different

Visage invests heavily in technology generating exceptional repeatable processes. 

State of the Art Tools

Because our tools are state-of-the-art our analysts can afford to dive deeper into the data than our competitors. As a result, we save companies more and faster in a given period. 



Our software and services are adaptable and customizable to any existing process. There’s no need to create a work order to generate a specific report – our software supports on-the-fly report customization for any administrator at any time.

Total Lifecycle Management

Whether we’re working with landline- or wireless-based telecom inventory Visage supports acquisition of inventory, activation and installation, expense management and optimization, and return device logistics & recycling.


We don’t use the term ROI loosely. Our customers regularly see a return on investment of 500% or more – and that’s a conservative estimate. Our free proof of value implementation lets you see what we can do before you ever sign a contract.

Build a Stronger Relationship with Your Customers

When you use Visage tools to support your telecom expense management services your analysts become twice as efficient. Just managing the carrier report format mapping is a full-time job and our technology does it automatically!

Managing Telecom Doesn’t Have to Be Hard.

We’re known as the “Good guys of TEM” for a reason! Our expert analysts dive deep into any telecom invoice and proactively generate detailed and actionable analysis. We’re obsessed with finding every nugget of savings opportunity including placing orders with the carriers to implement our recommendations.

Visage Home Screen

"It's easy to use and the interface is clean. You can run detailed reports on every aspect of mobility and it keeps your companies mobility footprint extremely organized. Ordering phones and new service is a breeze, as is issuing line disconnects."

Cale Ferguson
IT Manager
KLX Energy