Sprint offers electronic data files from several different billing portals depending on the customer size and contract.  Visage’s preferred data source is the Data Direct extract, however analysis can be performed using other platforms and reports.   If your carrier representative is unable to assist with Data Direct access, please request alternatives such as the UAD2, SBIA, or MySprint.


How you request Data Direct access from your rep:

  • Provide an LOA if a 3rd party is part of the request
    • Make sure the All Accounts option is used and do not add individual account numbers to the LOA. VisageMobile can filter specific accounts from the data in the portal.
    • Have the rep order the Data Direct product per the usual process at Sprint AND request record type 045 be turned on with this request.
    • Also set up the new Sprint Billing Invoice Analytics (SBIA) too.
    • You can have BOTH products for no cost.
    • Please ensure the Sprint rep adds in the comments section of the form that this is for VisageMobile to avoid confusion and speed along the process.

How the Sprint rep places the order:

  • Sprint Representative can go to their Outlook and forms
    • To find the forms:
      1. Select Home’ tab
      2. Select ‘New Items’ from drop drown
      3. Select ‘More Items’
      4. Select ‘Choose Form…from the ‘Organizational Forms Library’
      5. Select 1 of 2 forms
        1. New request for ebilling (not on any product already Sprint Billing Invoice Analytics (SBIA), EDI, Data Direct): ‘Specialized Billing Product Enrollment Request’ Form.
        2. If a customer already has SBIA or EDI but not Data Direct they need a: Change request for ebilling (SBIA Portal, EDI, Data Direct, and previously SmartCD Online):  ‘Specialized Billing Product Change Request’
      6. For either form above, the rep will need to request the record type 045 be turned on for the customer in the Data Direct product and ideally the SBIA product also.
        1. The rep notes in the “Additional Comments” section at the very bottom of both forms  that the: enrollment is for Visage and Hastings and please turn on record 045 with this request.
          1. WITHOUT this record type we will be missing a lot of data usage and the files will not load in our system

 FYI: Things to know about the process:

  1. This is the same form the Sprint rep uses to establish the customer on all specialized billing platforms: Sprint Billing Invoice Analytics (SBIA), EDI, Data Direct
  2. Form takes about 5-10 mins to fill out
  3. All information form requires can be obtained from Sprint Ensemble system
  4. Form is submitted to IT Billing & Support via the submit button on the form
  5. If record type 045 is not ordered we will be missing a lot of data usage and the files will not load until corrected by Sprint
  6. Data Direct Online is established in about 1-2 billing cycles
  7. If you are already on another ebilling product such as SBIA, EDI or Data Direct setup time is decreased and usually available on the next bill cycle.
  8. Sometimes set up can be faster but this is not something we can help “speed” along. There are some exceptions when the customer has accounts across multiple hierarchies.
  9. The customer will receive an email with logon information after IT has set up the customer and a second email when data is available
  10. If a Sprint rep has questions about signing a customer up they can call:  888-800-5558 option 3