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Mobility program a little out of tune?

Let Visage give your mobility program a one-time tune up! We’ll tackle the two biggest problem areas most companies face: zero use and pooling optimization. We know you have the best of intentions to cut excess costs, but let’s face it — between daily end-user emergencies and other firedrills, you may not have time at the end of the day. We’ll do all of the heavy lifting: flagging emergency devices and VIP users, contacting end-users, tracking responses, and executing the changes with your carriers. We’ll work with you to ensure the changes comply with your unique mobility program policies.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What's the next step?

After you fill out the form above, your Customer Success Manager will send you an order form to complete your purchase of this service. Once that document has been fully executed, we’ll set up a meeting to kick off the project and review your environment in depth.

How much of my time will it take?

Very little. We’ll do all of the heavy-lifting.

What do I need to do?

Execute a Letter of Agency with your carriers, so that Visage can make changes on your behalf.

What exactly will Visage do?
  • Disconnect lines with Zero Total Usage
  • Optimize AT&T and Verizon pools
How does Visage know what zero use lines to disconnect?

Easy. First, we’ll scrub your contract start and end dates, to make sure they are up-to-date. With your permission, we’ll email users in possession of devices that have not been used in 3 months of more. Replies from end-users will be sent to a generic Visage email box for tracking. Fifteen days after the initial email is sent, any undisputed zero use lines will be suspended. Fifteen days after that, the lines will be disconnected. We’ll work with you to identify emergency devices and “VIP” users who need to be excluded.

When will I see my savings?

In about three billing cycles, after we officially start. It will take approximately 30 days to identify the zero lines that will be disconnected. At that point, we’ll know which lines should remain active, so we can optimize your pools. We’ll submit your disconnections and pooling optimization changes at the same time to your carriers. You’ll see the results in approximately two billing cycles following the changes taking effect.

How do I sign up?

Just fill out the form, and we’ll contact you to discuss next steps.

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