Do you know…

How many people leave for an international destination tomorrow?


Who needs an international plan or feature turned on today?

What kinds of wireless devices your international travelers have?

Who modified their international travel itineraries?

With International Travel Roaming Alerts, you can.

What are International Travel Roaming Alerts?

International Travel Roaming Alerts, or ITRA for short, combines MobilityCentral’s state-of-the-art wireless billing analysis with Concur’s Travel and Expense platform developing a clear view into where employees travel, when, and with what kinds of devices so you don’t have to keep track of it all on your own. With ITRA, mobility managers are reminded to add and remove international plans and features based on exact dates of travel, carrier used, and device make and model.

What do I get?

When an international itinerary is booked, mobile administrators get a notification that includes:

  • List of travelers and heat map of countries where they’re going
  • Recommendations based on carrier and travel destination
  • Detailed information to help make the appropriate changes prior to travel.
ITRA Heatmap

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