Carrier API Integration

(Carrier eBonding)
Wireless carrier portals are slow to navigate which wastes your time. Processing dozens, or even hundreds, of transactions every day can have you waiting for results longer than processing changes. Not to mention bulk change submissions to the carriers can take twenty, or more, days to process.

Carrier API Integration with MobilityCentral circumvents the need to process device, accessory, and service changes using the carrier portals. Submissions are made using the MobilityCentral front-end, communicated securely via carrier APIs, processed, and updated in MobilityCentral while you take care of other tasks.

Carrier API Integration Computer Monitor

Feature Benefits

Carrier API Integration

Detailed Tracking

Track the status of each request sent from MobilityCentral; whether it succeeded or failed, and why.

Catalog Synch

Synch your device, accessory, plan, and feature catalogs to retrieve data not available on the carrier portals.

Fulfillment Requests

Fulfill Procurement requests via carrier API to avoid carrier loading screens.

Expanded Feature Set

Get access to features not already available on your carrier portal such as suspend and disconnect.

Save a little bit of time, a lot of times

All it takes is a little bit of information to get started.

Request Processing

Carrier API Integration

What kinds of requests can be processed?

MobilityCentral Carrier API Integration currently supports the following request types:

  • New device with new service activation
  • New device with service transfer (port)
  • Upgrade device (same or cross-carrier)
  • Change Domestic Plan
  • Change International Plan
  • Add Apps/Features
  • Accessory only
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend
  • Disconnect
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