Tips for new work from home employees

So you’ve been set up to work from home (WFH) for the forseeable future. Here are a few tips we have as WFH experts with decades of experience.

  1. Talking to yourself is totally acceptable – it’s called “staff meeting”
  2. Yes, you can wear your jammies to work, but proper etiquette is to wear CLEAN jammies
  3. You don’t have to apologize for your kids, dogs, Amazon deliveries, etc. causing background noise. We get it. We feel you, but see below 
    Photo of Dobby courtesy of Alison Logue
  4. On the same topic, learn how to un-mute and use a headset 👏🏻ON YOUR OWN TIME 👏🏻
  5. Refrain from asking neighbors “OMG what YEAR is it??” when you *finally* go outside (in your jammies)
  6. Yes, you can actually get laundry folded, and put away while on conference calls (see #7)
  7. Invest in a wireless headset: this one is my favorite – Savi 700 series – which integrates with most collaboration tools, supports computer VOIP, and has built-in mute and answer capability on the headset)
  8. You must hardwire for web conferences. Wifi is not your friend – see robo-voice. Not sure what this means? Connect the laptop to the router directly
  9. Don’t sleep in the jammies you wore to work, because those are, like, work clothes now
  10. Put your work away! I like to close my office door when I’m done for the day to make sure I’m not tempted to work on a pet project after hours. I’m trapped at home with my family – why not enjoy the time with them!

Here’s a podcast with some other helpful tips

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