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Instant Snapshot

This summary saves you time each month as an instant snapshot of all wireless spend is automatically generated at the top of each VisagePulse report. TEM and WEM partners use the free white-labeling feature to deliver these reports directly to their customers.

Easy Access to:

  • Monthly Recurring Charges (MRC) and Non-Recurring Charges (NRC) breakout from Total Current Charges
  • Zero Total Usage Metrics
  • Line count and average spend per billed line
  • Performance to device or user level budgets
  • Percent of Total Spend by Carrier
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Actionable Recommendations

VisagePulse comes out-of-the-box with dozens of available automatic recommendation options to choose from. Wireless expense administrators rolling out VisagePulse to new clients also create custom recommendations to present monthly spend data in familiar formats.

Actionable recommendations provide telecom expense managers with a concise set of pre-calculated options for action on a month of wireless spend. This saves a ton of money both in terms of the manpower necessary to generate the same recommendations, and in terms of wasted money spent by not knowing these issues existed.

Save time using recommendations for categories like:

  • Zero usage lines to disconnect
  • Automated pooling optimization
  • Unused international features to turn off
  • Data pooling lines with excessive data usage
  • Insurance features to disconnect
  • Download charges on corporate paid lines
  • Directory assistance (411) calls
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Proactive Trend Monitoring

Quarterly trends are a critical component in managing a wireless program. VisagePulse has access to over 50 three-month rolling trending charts every time a wireless bill is published to MobilityCentral. By including these charts in VisagePulse reports wireless expense administrators can spot undesirable trends, or highlight successes in cost savings.

Keep an eye on trends like:

  • Zero Total Usage Line Cost
  • Average plan costs after carrier discounts
  • Total voice, data, messaging, or push-to-talk usage
  • Data pooling usage and average costs
  • New, suspended, emergency, and disconnected line stats
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Free Long-Term Trending

Housing the kinds of data necessary to generate holistic trend analysis over 24-months of data is laborious at best, and expensive at worst. Leveraging the MobilityCentral software as a back-end solution for data normalization and analysis, VisagePulse can easily attach long-term trending charts to every report.

Long-term trending options are excellent summaries for the busy executives, and even to copy and paste into annual performance reviews!

Standard long-term trend charts:

  • Carrier Summary
  • Spend by Device Type
  • Zero Total Usage Lines
  • Spend by Category
  • Custom trending options available
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