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Visage reduces annual enterprise wireless and wireline spend by $2M in 5 months

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Wireless Success Story

This case study covers a 12 month period. The enterprise saw immediate savings between April and July. This energy resource exploration company reduced overall wireless spend by $2M annually.

Visage experts reduced monthly recurring charges through aggressive optimization and virtually eliminted non-recurring charges for this customer. The customer’s resources were only used to approve changes proposed by Visage.

Project summary

This case study began as a proof-of-concept  (PoC) exploring the potential savings in both wireless and wireline arenas. Visage implemented the PoC quickly and readily identified the requested savings needed to begin the implementation and optimization process. Within a few months, total wireless spend was cut in half. Visage continues to optimize good-spend while reducing bad-spend – from $120K in November to less than $3K a year later. 

The Strategy

As with any Visage project, the proof-of-concept proved out the ability to justify implementation of software and managed services for wireless and wireline assets. Subsequently the following items were of primary focus:

Proven Results

This customer’s results drastically exceeded the target goal of $2M in directly measurable savings in wireless and wireline annual spend. Visage did all the work necessary to achieve, and surpass, the savings goals minimizing impact to the client’s mobility and fixed asset management team resources.

Months to Savings Goal


Total ROI


Reduction in Total Spend


This was an awesome experience and we’re thrilled with our return on investment!


Director Information Systems, Energy Company

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