MobilityCentral Release 5.7

Custom Email Branding

We’ve added more options for addressing emails sent from MobilityCentral, and added the option to replace the system email banner with a custom image.

FIP Upgrade

New usage and charge fields on the Flexible Invoice Processing (FIP) template give administrators added flexibility and depth of reporting

Import Options

MobilityCentral now offers administrators a choice in managing user and inventory import template fields with blank data.

Partner Admin Console

The Partner Admin Console provides partners one place from which to manage their customers’ MobilityCentral instances. Email configuration options are also available to apply across all customers.

Custom Email Branding

MobilityCentral’s email customization features include additional options for branding email sent through the application.

Use your own company logo in emails instead of the system default to help your employees associate MobilityCentral emails with your organization.

Store multiple “From” email addresses and easily toggle between them when sending email from MobilityCentral.

Release 5.7 Logo Customization
Release 5.7 flexible invoice processing enhancements

Flexible Invoice Processing

Flexible Invoice Processing (FIP) provides a clean and efficient way to add wireless spend data into MobilityCentral for those carriers which aren’t set up for automated import. Spend analysis, alone, only gave us part of the picture.

Flexible Invoice Processing now supports deeper detail for recurring charges data, and now supports the import of usage detail. This upgrade provides wireless expense management firms, and corporate mobility managers alike, with unprecedented reporting detail from unsupported carriers, including MVNOs. MobilityCentral is the only application which makes this possible. Contact your Success Manager for more information about these changes!

Import Template Options

We liked this one so much, we blogged about it!

MobilityCentral excels at importing, normalizing, and analyzing data whether it’s strictly formatted from the wireless carrier, or cobbled together from various human resources and inventory systems. Wireless expense and mobility administrators continuously update employee and device detail throughout the month. MobilityCentral now presents administrators with new options for dealing with blank data fields in the user and inventory import templates. As a result, combining data from multiple sources is easier than ever.

MobilityCentral Release 5.7 Import Updates
MobilityCentral Release 5.7 Partner Admin Console
MobilityCentral Release 5.7 Partner Admin Branding

Partner Admin Console

Managing multiple customer instances of MobilityCentral shouldn’t take away from your ability to service your customers. MobilityCentral’s Partner Admin Console consolidates all your customers into one place providing you easy access to every account from a single login.

The Partner Admin Console features a full list of every customer you’ve ever worked with. You can drill in to any client instance, or switch instances using the built in navigation drop-down option at the top of the page.

When you’re asked to answer a question about a user and you don’t know to which client they belong, use the global search option in the Partner Admin Console to identify the client account through the user’s name or mobile number.

Customizing your end-user’s experience to match your brand is easy in the Partner Admin Console. Change everything from the login URL ( to the embedded hyperlinks in spend related emails.

The Partner Admin Console was designed with you in mind, and based on feedback from our partners!

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Employee data management using the user import template

MobilityCentral is most frequently used for generating cost center reports (also known as ‘charge-back reports.’) These reports rely on tying employee wireless expense data to other systems such as HR and accounting.

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MobilityCentral Release 5.7

MobilityCentral Release 5.7 is here. Take a look at the newest features!

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