Increase Savings Realization by Sending Email

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Visage Mobile has a lot of data about what works, and what doesn’t, when managing wireless programs. One thing that data shows us, over and over again, is the powerful impact email communication has on end-user behavior as it pertains to wireless spending and usage. Here’s the bottom line: companies who use MobilityCentral’s email feature to communicate with end users are 13% more effective at reducing bad spend than those who don’t.

There are three primary reasons companies don’t use the email feature in MobilityCentral.

My end users will ignore it

Are some people going to ignore your email? Sure they will. Just like they ignore the sign on the breakroom fridge asking them to only eat their own food. You’ve heard of the 80/20 rule, right? 80% of your email opens will be from 20% of your users – and that’s ok! Without sending email 0% of your users will get the chance to see their bad spend and change their behavior. The key is to give your users a chance to make a change.

I don’t have anything to say

If you really have nothing to say, then I would expect the recommendations section of your Home page to be empty! There’s always something we can tell our end users to help them help the company. First, consider sending out monthly “invoices” from the User Summary section. These handy little emails give each end user an idea of what the company spends on their wireless bill each month. More often than not, users reply to these emails to dispute charges they didn’t know were on their bill. What a great avenue to open up communication with your teams! Second, consider 411 usage on Smartphones as your next email topic. It’s a charge category that’s easy to stop if we email our offending users a message like, “Stop using 411 and Google it,” albeit more politely. If you still have nothing to email your users about, just ask your Customer Success Manager for suggestions and they’ll be happy to get you started.

I have to get approval

This is also not a deal-breaker. Check out the Email Examples document in the Help & Training section to start familiarizing your management team with the look and feel of the emails generated by MobilityCentral. Your Customer Success Manager is also happy to provide sample text for various topics. Also, start with just one small email, directed to a narrow band of users or in a spend category of limited scope (See 411 on Smartphones). Get approval and feedback on that first email before moving on toward larger audiences.

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