Refurbish Device

Device Refurbish
& Redeploy

Device Refurbish
& Redeploy


Quit spending money on new devices

Visage’s device refurbish and redeploy program allows you to maintain a stock of refurbished devices off-site which can be drop shipped overnight to the location of your choosing at any time. Integrated with MobilityCentral® Procurement, this program helps minimize the need to purchase expensive upgrades to replace broken equipment.

Overnight Shipping

The refurbished device you request is delivered to your end-user using overnight shipping to minimize down-time.


Security and Configuration

Visage maintains existing device flashed software including MDM and DEP. All personal data is removed according to NIST and ADISA certified processes and technology. Deliver the refurbished device to your end-user ready to go.

Environmental Impact

By refurbishing devices you help the environment by minimizing the number of new devices required to service your company, and stopping toxic e-waste from filling up landfills.

Inventory Visibility

Visage maintains your current stock of refurbished devices ready for redeployment in MobilityCentral so you can always see what’s available for use.

Reduce Cost

This service reduces your wireless equipment expense by avoiding costly equipment upgrades and monthly insurance premiums.


One and Done

Everything you need to manage this service is included in MobilityCentral automatically. Need to replace a device? Use the MobilityCentral Procurement module to request one of your refurbished devices.

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