Fulfillment, Kitting, & Staging

Fulfillment, Kitting, & Staging Process


Let Visage manage the ordering process for you

  1. Whether you use Visage Procurement module, your own ITSM, home-grown system, or email, we can process your wireless carrier orders. We’ll order devices and accessories, or place plan and feature changes at the carrier so you don’t have to worry about a thing. Everything is tracked and managed in MobilityCentral® and updated in your system of record for full transparency.

We Work For You

Visage does all the back-end work of ordering devices and accessories, and updating plans and features. All we need is an approved request from you.

Fallout Resolution

Visage’s fulfillment process is designed to track orders through completion. Any order fallout is handled quickly and efficiently.


Improve Accuracy

We configure our fulfillment processes based on your approved device, accessory, plan, and feature options. We won’t place an order without approval, and always double-check exceptions.

Aggressive SLAs

We’re watching the clock to make sure every end-user’s ordering experience is exceptional. Our fulfillment team works with you to develop SLAs appropriate for your business.

Save Time

Avoid waiting for unresponsive carrier ordering portals and replies to emailed order requests. Free up your team to work on more important tasks than ordering replacement devices, or changing features.

Whitelabeled Solution

We can make our fulfillment service as transparent to your end-users as you’d like. Whitelabel our ordering portal and customize automated emails to match your company’s brand.

We'll manage your entire ordering process

All it takes is a little bit of information to get started.


Deliver devices to your end-users ready to go

In the kitting & staging phase of Visage’s order management solution, we receive devices and accessories from the carrier before they’re delivered to the end-user. We’ll install MDM software, remove unauthorized applications, enroll devices in Apple Business or Samsung Knox, and enter equipment details into your inventory tracking system.

Device Arrives Working

Devices delivered to the end-user are totally set-up minimizing down-time for your users to set up their devices.


Inventory Tracking

As each new device is processed by Visage, it gets entered into MobilityCentral. Feeds from MobilityCentral into the inventory management system of your choice can be set up to keep data in synch.

Pre-configure Devices

Kitting & staging ensures every device is delivered with all company mandated settings and software. We’ll remove bloatware, remove browsers, add custom applications, and more.

Recycling Integration

Because we work between the carrier and the end-user we can replace standard recycling materrials with your custom recycling program return envelope.

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