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Invoice Audit &

Bill Pay

Invoice Audit &

Bill Pay


You don’t know what you don’t know

Our Invoice Audit service takes a look at previous fixed, cloud, and wireless invoices to find opportunities to request credits, or file disputes, with your providers. We’ll check your bills up to six-months in arrears to find missing service credits or plan and feature discounts.

Invoice Audit Frustrated Analyst

Contract Analysis

We load your carrier contract into our system to automatically locate billing discrepancies based on the terms of your agreement with each of your providers.


Tracking & Visibility

You don’t have to worry about what’s going on with your disputes. As part of our Invoice Audit service, we keep you apprised of the status of each dispute.


Trusted Agent

We work, on your behalf, with the providers to file disputes for credits and billing discrepancies based on the results of our audit.


Advice to Pay

Invoice Audit is an on-going service providing you with the necessary data to pay the portion of your bill for which you’re actually liable. We’ll even pay the bill for you!

We'll find the money you're owed

All it takes is a little bit of information to get started.


Let us manage your fixed, cloud, and wireless service payments

Visage’s Bill Pay service consolidates your wireless invoices into one monthly payment.

Save Time

Don’t worry about delivering multiple monthly reports to accounting for charge-back analysis. Bill Pay gives you one bill to pay each month no matter how many providers you use.

Avoid Late Fees

Did you know many corporate late fees are due to processing delays between IT and accounting? Bill Pay eliminates late fees by paying the bill on the due date every time. Worried about overpaying? Invoice Audit continuously monitors your fixed, cloud, and wireless bills and requests credits for any over-payment scenario.

Simplified Chargeback

Bill Pay delivers one consolidated report to be used for charge-back each month. Choose how to divide up your pooling costs, what base-rates to use, and who should receive it. With HR data incorporated into MobilityCentral®, chargeback categories are kept up-to-date each month ensuring accuracy.

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