International Travel Alerts

International Travel Alerts give mobility administrators the power to manage travel-related wireless costs before things get out of hand. Things get missed when we rely on our employees to tell us about their travel plans.

Connecting the travel management and wireless expense analysis systems with International Travel Alerts give mobility administrators the power to contribute to a perfect trip while keeping overall costs down for the company.

International Travel Roaming Alerts

What’s in it for me?

Better Data

Mobility administrators need a lot of information to properly manage a company’s wireless lines. Some of that information includes the date and time someone will be out of the country. International Travel Alerts notify the wireless administration team whenever an international itinerary is booked in the travel system. With the notification comes device detail for each user now scheduled to leave their home country. MobilityCentral also offers plan and feature recommendations for each device assigned to the traveler. Think this is right for you? >> Get more info


Advance Notification

As if managing your own schedule weren’t hard enough, now the short- and long-term travel plans of your co-workers demand your attention. International Travel Alerts helps you out with the problem of constantly changing travel schedules. MobilityCentral® synchronizes with the travel management system and proactively notifies you of new, or changed, itineraries. Now mobility managers can update start and end dates to perfectly match travel periods, well in advance of a trip taking place. Think this is right for you? >> Get more info

Lean Planning

International Travel Alerts encourage companies to take a lean approach to buying international plans and features. Companies without International Travel Alerts have to plan for any eventuality. It is better to pay for an unused feature for someone who could travel, than to incur thousands of dollars in overage costs for someone who travels unexpectedly. But here’s the thing, over buying is almost as dangerous as unexpected overage charges when you consider an international data feature could cost as much as $50!

Consider this:
  • Less than 3% of lines roam in any given month
  • Typically, a business traveler only takes an international trip once in 14 months
  • Only 12% of lines with a roaming plan ever roam in a given month

Because International Travel Alerts notifications give wireless expense administrators exactly the data they need, plans and features get added and removed at precisely the right time. Companies with International Travel Alerts develop the potential to reduce monthly operating expenses through the reduction of unnecessary plans and features. Removing three unnecessary international data features for one year saves the company $1,800 annually! How many unused roaming features do you have? How many do you need next week? Use VisagePulse to find the former, and International Travel Alerts to keep you aware of the latter. >> Get more info

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