International Travel Alerts

Avoid International Roaming Bill Shock

With International Travel Alerts from Visage, you can say goodbye to international roaming “bill shock.” International Travel Alerts allow administrators to make the appropriate plan and feature changes in advance of an international trip. These alerts will help mitigate the expensive overage charges that make international roaming so expensive.

Powerful Travel and Wireless Data

International Travel Alerts are based on itinerary data from the SAP Concur Travel platform. When coupled with the wireless device plan and feature details from Visage, administrators get timely reports that allow them to take measures to ensure each traveler has the appropriate plan/feature for their trip.

Always Know Who’s Traveling Where

Visage will automatically send daily email notifications to administrators regarding all upcoming travelers and their itineraries. Never again will you find out about a surprise trip abroad that could result in your company receiving a massive international roaming bill.

In Every Alert You’ll Receive

User Info
• Name and email address of traveler(s)

Trip Information
• Itinerary details
• Booking details, including all air / car / hotel / rail details as well as start and end dates for all locations.

Mobile Device Information
• Mobile number(s)
• Device information (when available)
• Wireless plan details
• Wireless feature details

Contents of ITRA report
Monthly savings with ITRA
Travel experiences with, and without ITRA