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MobilityCentral is a SaaS application that aggregates disparate data sources, such as User, Spend and Inventory, to provide powerful reporting, analytics, and recommendations to manage enterprise mobility. Customers can also leverage role-based access to allocate mobile costs, gain visibility across the organization, create workflow for managing device inventory, manage spend to a budget, and enforce mobile policy.

Implementation & ROI  Hosted SaaS solution requires no installation and is very quick to get up-and-running. Intuitive UI allows you to start using the application with little training. Gains achieved through offloading carrier report retrieval, automation of data aggregation, and use of MobilityCentral’s recommendations algorithms make companies using the tool 60% more productive, quickening time to ROI.

Screenshots of MobilityCentral



• MobilityCentral’s pooling optimization algorithm automatically suggest ideal plan and feature combinations for shared voice and data pools

• Track and manage all aspects of a line of service through Service Level Notes and Reminders

• Automated imports of client employee directories ensures all cost center, department, location, and team data is up-to-date at all times

• MobilityCentral automatically generates key metrics and trending charts each billing cycle, easily exported for use as artifacts in client business reviews

• Cumulative metrics, such as number of consecutive months of non-usage, enable powerful data in supporting client recommendations

• Flexible Invoice Processing allows any carrier data to be uploaded into MobilityCentral allowing the application to be as flexible as you are

• Managing multiple clients is easy, MobilityCentral even allows for copying custom report layouts from one customer to another

• MobilityCentral automatically updates all inventory and contract details including: device make, model, IMEI/ESN/MEID, SIM, upgrade eligibility date, and early termination fees

• MobilityCentral automatically analyzes and summarizes International usage by users and by countries giving you summarized data and recommendations to help with carrier negotiations

• Custom fields allow for data flexibility and automated import: 3 user level, 3 service level, and 4 carrier level custom fields

• Full Mobile Number Lifecycle Tracking from a new line to disconnect, carrier and billing account changes, as well as emergency and loaner equipment



• Dashboards with high level spend and usage information provide quick insight into normalized corss-carrier spend

• Actionable metrics, such as top spenders, zero usage lines, etc., with the ability to quickly drill down to the details

• Information on various spend categories, such as recurring charges, non-recurring charges, taxes, surcharges fees, etc.

• Detailed information on each line of service, including plans, features, usage and charges

• Ability to easily email reports from the application

• Ability to export to Excel

• Ability to create custom reports on the fly


• Month-over-month trending on various charges and usage

• Ability to compare current spend to past billing periods to see the impact of changes


• Set alerts based on specific thresholds of usage or spend to allow timely action

Bill Audit

• Ability to compare carrier invoice to the contract to ensure the carrier is billing accordingly


• Detailed recommendations on all aspects of mobile spend to help optimize expenses for substantial savings each month

• Drill down into the detail on each recommendation to identify the lines to act upon

Comparative Analytics

• Ability to compare plan and feature costs with other customers of similar size and industry

Pulse Email / Email to Power

• Monthly email delivered to your inbox with Recommendations, Trends and Spend Summary

Cost Center Allocation

• Distribute costs throughout departments and cost centers using fixed or device dependent cost allocations, while also accounting for pesky account level charges as needed


Device Inventory

• Track all devices and who are using them

• Maintain inventory of allocated and unallocated devices

• Track device history

End User Communications

• Easily communicate with end users about policy, mobile spend and usage from within the application

Role Based Access

• Allow various users to access the system, such as: Global Admin, Read-Only Admin, Cost Center User Admin, Cost Center Inventory Admin, Cost Center Manager, etc.

Policy Management

• Create, update and distribute mobile policy to all mobile workers and also track acknowledgement

Manage Service Activities

• Maintain notes on each device / service to help with daily tasks

• Track MACD activities on each device / service with reminders