Easy-to-use request management system with customizable approval workflows and limits. Keep everyone in-the-loop during each phase of the procurement process. Works for devices, accessories, and services.

Centralize your procurement workflow using MobilityCentral. Guarantee all requests are tracked to completion, appropriately approved, and updates communicated to end-users.

With MobilityCentral Procurement you have full control over available devices and accessories, approval workflows, and communication templates. Use our one-click approval process to make managers’ jobs easier while guaranteeing business necessity of every request.

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MobilityCentral Capability

Procurement Benefits

Centralize Requests

Move management of end-user requests out of email and into a centralized request queue.

Approval Workflow

Up to six-levels of approval workflow guarantee each request is justified.

One-Click Approval

No need for managers to stop what they’re doing to log in to MobilityCentral to approve a request – securely approve or deny a request within an email.


Single Sign On (SSO) Compatible

Let your users log in and submit requests using your existing SSO portal.


Max Approval Amounts

Set a maximum amount for each approver to guarantee cost centers don’t get hit with unexpected charges.


Customizable Catalog

You define the make, model, color, capacity, and price for each item in your procurement store. Changes made to the store are instantaneous.

Configurable Workflows

Choose from a variety of end-user request workflows including new services, upgrades, disconnects, & plan and feature changes.


Exception Handling

Easily handle exceptions to the default device and accessory stores, or approval workflows.

See how easy procurement can be

All it takes is a little bit of information to get started.

Extended Functionality

Procurement & Carrier API Integration

Procurement and carrier API integration workflow

Why use Procurement and Carrier API Integration?

MobilityCentral’s Procurement module with Carrier API Integration allows procurement requests created in MobilityCentral to be fulfilled by the wireless carrier without using the wireless carrier portal.

How does It Work?

Procurement requests placed in MobilityCentral by an end-user or administrator, once approved and reviewed, are sent to the wireless carrier via Carrier API Integration. Order status, service status, and tracking information are automatically updated in MobilityCentral. Administrators can customize relevant email updates to end-users to ensure everyone is on the same page. This integration delivers the efficiency of MobilityCentral and eliminates the need for you to wait on slow carrier page loads, or cumbersome multi-step confirmation processes.

What kinds of requests can be processed?

MobilityCentral Procurement with Carrier API Integration currently supports the following request types:

  • New device with new service activation
  • New device with service transfer (port)
  • Upgrade device (same or cross-carrier)
  • Accessory only
  • Suspend
  • Unsuspend
  • Disconnect
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Procurement & Carrier API Integration


Save Time

Less than two-minutes to submit a request to the carrier for processing.

Improve Workflow

Disconnect, suspend, and unsuspend lines even if those features are disabled at the carrier portal.


No need to call and email carrier representatives, track orders in ticketing systems, and handle walk-up requests separately.


Reduces Errors

Pre-configure compatible plans and features for each type of device available for order to prevent errors.

Increased Control

You decide which devices are allowed to be requested, who approves requests, and how much an approver can approve.


Reduce Equipment Costs

Configurable multi-level approval workflows ensure all requests are business-necessary.


Inventory Tracking

Combine HR data and carrier data to ensure all inventory is assigned and billed to the correct cost center, department, and team.

Enhanced Communication

Automated email and system updates ensure everyone is kept in-the-loop at all times concerning any order.

Stop waiting on carrier portals

All it takes is a little bit of information to get started.

Want to use MobilityCentral Procurement to service your customers?

  • MobilityCentral’s Procurement with Carrier API Integration dramatically reduces swivel-chair activities required by your agents to process customer orders
  • Guarantee orders are correct through strict catalog management
  • Make updates to available devices, plans, and features on-the-fly at any time with just the click of a mouse
  • Send activation dealer codes with every qualifying order to ensure you’re getting the most out of your fulfillment customer services

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